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4K Ultra HD Products by SmartAVI
4K FUll HD Video Wall Processors by smartavi, plug into the future of content with 4k full HD
4K-Wall the future of Videowalls
Presenterwall-Pro 4K Video wall system









StretcherPro2 Basic Four Screen Video Wall with multiple configurations Signwall Simple Digital Signage and Video Wall System PresenterWall-Pro Video Wall system that supports up to 16 screens, and can be used for video walls up to 64 screens and live capture.

2x2 HDMI Video Wall Controller with 1080p resolution on each monitor ...

The Highly Customizable Video Wall and Digital Signage Controller that Delivers Full 4K Ultra HD Resolution...

The Highly Customizable Video Wall and Digital Signage Controller that Delivers Full 4K Ultra HD Resolution...

Eye-Catching 4K Ultra HD and 1080p HD Video Wall Controllers by SmartAVI

Stunning Resolutions and Endless Screen Configurations

SmartAVI manufactures a variety of video wall controllers, video wall players and video wall processors for all kinds of different applications and needs. We offer video wall hardware solutions as well as devices that provide video wall software. We manufacture our user-friendly and affordable video wall solutions here in California, meaning you get quality made-in-America products when you go with SmartAVI.

Our video wall controllers, like the PresenterWall series, are designed to support easy-to-use plug and play technology. You don’t have to be a tech expert to get your new SmartAVI video wall player up and running quickly. With incredible resolutions, including the latest in 4K Ultra HD, you can deliver attention-grabbing visuals and on-brand messaging like never before. We support a variety of video connections, including HDMI, DVI-D, VGA and more.

Call us to Learn About Our Video Wall Processor Price and Video Wall Controller Price

In addition to our quality products, you’ll also find that SmartAVI offers the most aggressively-priced solutions on the pro AV market. When you need to create a video wall installation but need to stay on a budget, we are here to work with you. Our sales and support staff have the experience and knowledge you need to craft the perfect video wall solution for your exact needs. Call us at (818) 503-6200 or email us at to learn more!

When it comes to video and audio quality in 2014, it’s high definition or bust. From streaming videos on a mobile device to omnipresent displays at the nearest shopping center, HD is everywhere and it’s simply what people expect now. The delivery systems for HD video and audio aren’t as basic as plugging in the bunny ears behind an old TV set. Quality components are required for the countless uses of HD signals, which permeate modern life.

To get those high definition feeds where they need to go quickly, correctly and without any loss of quality, an HDMI Video Matrix router is essential. A reliable router allows users to control the various HD inputs and outputs they need with ease. Matrixes come in a variety of input and output configurations, designated as 2x2 to represent two inputs and two outputs. With larger configurations, the many uses and incredible flexibility an HDMI Video Matrix provides for users becomes clear.

While some applications for intuitive control over HD video and audio may seem obvious – say, a sports bar managing various sporting events over numerous HD screens across the restaurant – but many people are surprised when they realize just how pervasive HD content is in everyday life. Hospitals, for example, require a quick and easily updateable way to inform patients, visitors and those waiting to be seen. Think about a night club looking to impress patrons with an exciting and unique visual display. Stores love the flexibility of digital signage, giving them the ability to show a tantalizing display of their offerings. Security centers require a constant, switchable feed to keep their clients safe. These are just a few of the venues where an HDMI Video Matrix is an absolute must for users who need to deliver crystal clear content as a part of their business or service.

For businesses, individuals and system architects, finding a trustworthy and expandable series of HDMI Video Matrix routers is key. There is no better series on the market today than SmartAVI’s MXCORE-HD Series of HDMI Video Matrix routers, which are designed and manufactured in the USA and can be built up to a configuration of 32x32. With a diverse clientele that starts with NASA, DreamWorks Studios, Monte Carlo Resort and Casino and continues on from there, it’s clear that industry professionals across the globe depend on SmartAVI as the go-to solutions provider for any professional audio-video system.

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