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If you recently attended a tradeshow or conference, it's likely you saw vendors using a screen wall to demonstrate products and services. This method of presenting is very popular as it reaches out to the audience capturing their attention, often better than the sales person behind the table. The price and weight of high-definition LCDs and televisions is trending lower and when coupled with monitor wall hardware it makes this an attractive solution for many different venues.

Originally, this videowall hardware was used exclusively in exhibitions and trade shows. However, with the steady drop in the cost of a high-definition television, video walls began showing up in places outside of the exhibit floor including in corporate office lobbies, at the airport, hotel and retail malls. LCD or plasma screens are designed as a single or multiple videowall panel configurations. The more popular formats are 2x2, 3x2, 3x3 and 4x4. The area required to set up this system depends on the size of display.

In the earlier days, this type of hardware was much more bulky, but today displays are very lightweight, easy to mount on a wall and affordable. Plus, the screens offer much higher resolution compared to predecessors.

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You may wonder how all those television panels are controlled. This is done using a videowall management system.

This is a sophisticated, yet user-friendly video porocessor that is set up in an office or cabinet usually located a distant from m the panel of screens. A technician configures the panels to display different images on the different panels or leave a single image on multiple screens. This provides a presentation that is easily modified to suit the audience or message.

Our hardware is a compact device designed to fit into standard commercial grade computer cabinets or racks. Typically, the management system is set up away from the panel allowing a technician to remotely configure the settings and images. The management software is designed to be simple enough and does not require advanced training. Technical professionals learn how to set up and configure these systems in a single session.

The benefits of these products are now available to any business and not limited to those with large technology and marketing budgets. They can be configured to allow interaction with the passerby or programed to stream video or images 24 hours a day. People naturally are attracted to the television display making video walls an ideal method to deliver a highly targeted message to the viewer. 

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