Show clear, vibrant videos across multiple screens with one simple input that makes video displays easier than ever. There’s no expertise needed to use these hardware-only, driverless systems: just plug and play!


Easily display high resolution videos in any configuration on high definition screens using multiple inputs and outputs—a driverless, hardware-only solution that requires no expertise. Simply plug and play!


Integrated software helps you program, manage, and schedule content across 4 high-resolution screens in any arrangement. Combine media from a player, your computer, or the internet for a customized experience!


Integrated software helps you program, manage, and schedule content scalable across dozens of screens without loss of resolution. Combine media from multiple sources for unlimited customization potential!

About SmartAVI

SmartAVI is a globally recognized manufacturer of professional audio and video integration technologies. Throughout its existence, SmartAVI has been tailoring its products to address the needs of system integrators and users to distribute, extend, and switch a variety of signals. SmartAVI is internationally known for its aggressively-priced, high-quality A/V management solutions.

Top companies that have benefited from SmartAVI’s solutions include: NASA, Boeing, Warner Brothers, Adobe Systems, DreamWorks Studios, Lockheed Martin, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, United States Army, Bellagio Las Vegas, Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, and The Miller Brewing Company.

  SmartAVI is committed to bringing you the newest products and technologies to help you create the most visually-stunning and up-to-date Video Wall displays on the market. From high-quality controllers with up to 4K Ultra HD resolution to integrated software that allows you to program and manage customized content from anywhere, SmartAVI provides the smartest audio and video solutions.
  SmartAVI’s Video Wall technologies are designed with you in mind. Our simple driverless plug-and-play systems require absolutely no previous technical training, and our integrated software is made to be intuitive and user-friendly. We understand that you don’t have time to learn a completely new system, so we’ve made our products easier for you.
  SmartAVI provides attentive customer service and high-quality support so that you know you’re never alone. We care about our clients’ needs and respond to all inquiries within 1-2 business days. If you need help, we’re there for you.

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